Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga Therapy Thai Yoga Therapy can be traced through Thailand, more than 2,500 years of the Ayurvedic teachings of the Vasrayana or Diamond Healing lineage of Tibet. The ancient healers found the traditional medicine healing & restorative.   It relieved


Master Practitoner of Reiki Tenshintai Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki – Japanese words for “universal life energy”. Reiki is a system of balancing the energy that flows through our bodies, and all living things. A practitioner of Reiki has been taught

Intuition & Shamanism

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and a way of life from cultures around the planet. The teachings of shamanism focus on our connection to nature and promote well-being of all creation. Our ancient ancestors all over the world discovered

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Brandi is excellent & her passion for this shows in her work. I felt great after just 1 session with her. Can't wait to book her for a party with some of my friends!

Charlene Fields

Brandi when preforming her session is thorough, thoughtful and therapeutic. The service is top notch and very professional. I wish I was local so I could schedule regular appointments to keep my overall health in top form.

Jonathan Wallace

Brandi was very knowledgeable and professional. It was very relaxing and I would highly recommend her.

Erica Fields-Wallace

My first reading with Brandi was warm and insightful. And I truly mean warm. Her remote healing was felt throughout my body with warmth and love. I love her Ganesha meditation and how she used peacock feathers which are part of my heritage. She offered tools and remedies for me to continue on my own. Thank you, Brandi.

Donna Tornillo

Brandi is amazing. I feel amazing after a session with her. Can't wait to have her back and see her again!

Janice Smith

With her knowledge, skill, and intuition Brandi is a wonderful therapist who makes the most of your sessions.

Sarah Rhodes